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Healthy Eating Friday: Haroset

March 26, 2010

For those of you celebrating Passover next week, you might just see haroset as another part of the holiday.  However, if you’re not Jewish, you may never have heard of it before.  Basically, it is just a mix of apples, nuts and red wine.  If you make it right, it can be a great snack to have around at any time of year!

First, take an apple and dice it. (Don’t worry about the exact size of the pieces, but they should be relatively small — about an eighth inch cube).  Put the diced apple into a medium sized bowl.  Then take a handful of walnuts, put them in a zip-top bag, and –this is the fun part–smash them to your heart’s content.  Add these to the bowl with the apples, and then pour a small amount of red wine in.  Add a little bit of cinnamon, then mix together so that the wine is absorbed a bit by the apples and nuts. You do not want there to be much wine at the bottom of the bowl, so start with a small amount, and then add a bit more if it does not coat the apple pieces enough to make them a reddish color.

You can eat it straight out of the bowl for a snack, or put it on a sandwich or wrap for a new twist on lunch!


If you don’t want to use wine, red grape juice works just as well!

You can increase the size of the recipe by adding an extra apple, some more walnuts, or even by mixing in another type of nuts to provide additional texture!

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