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Healthy Eating Friday: Better tuna salad

February 26, 2010

Even though there are some downsides to eating too much tuna, if you make your own tuna salad instead of buying it at the store, you can make it much healthier, and you may even like it more too!

For starters, when you do go to the store, get tuna in water rather than tuna in oil, you don’t need to eat the extra fat.  Once you drain it, try mixing in a little Italian dressing instead of mayonnaise.  You’ll be surprised at how little dressing you need to add to get the same result, and will give you a little bit of the texture you expect from tuna fish without adding too many additional calories.  Then mix in a spoonful of relish, and, if you like it, some finely chopped celery.  Season it all with a little pepper and maybe a few of your other favorite spices (just season and taste until you get what you’re looking for).

Then you can eat it with a spoon or on your favorite whole-grain bread! If you want to add a bit of a different flavor, you could even mix in a little bit of brown mustard, but the key is to keep the add-ins to a minimum and cut out the mayonnaise.

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