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Get the Power Without the Impact

January 23, 2010

Are you seeking a workout that will make you sweat but won’t bust your knees? I’ve got an incredible sweat-producing, calorie burning, no impact workout that combines cardio and strength training!

Get on the treadmill and walk. But here’s the key: POWER WALK. Power walk means turn up the inclination to a medium-to-high level (depending on your physical fitness level) and walk at a slow speed (about 3.5 – 4 mph). As you walk, pump the upper body with weights in your hands. There’s no need to use super heavy weights, 3 to 5 pounds will do the trick. Set your time to 20 minutes. Every minute or two (you decide), change your upper body activity. Make a pattern with the exercises you are doing to alternate the muscles you are working. Here’s a sample:

– Bicep Curls
– Military Presses
– Tricep overhead extensions
– Fast power walk (moving arms in regular walking fashion)
– Lateral raises
– Chest fly
– Return to fast power walk

Alternate these exercises every minute so your muscles and mind don’t get tired and bored. With the combined strength training in the upper body exercies and the inclined tredmill PLUS the cardio, you’ll be sweating in no time.

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