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Upper Body: Plank with extended arm and leg

April 9, 2010

Get a great workout for your whole body with this exercise!


Yoga Wednesday: Lunge and Twist

April 7, 2010

Get into a lunge and twist to get a nice stretch.  For more of a challenge, lift up to a standing lunge position!

Leg Toning Tues: Hamstring Curls

April 7, 2010

Get up on your toes and lift that leg! You’ll be working all of your leg muscles!

HardCORE Monday: Pilates Plank with Leg work

April 5, 2010

Tighten up those abs with this Pilates plank with leg work.  Just make sure to do the same amount on both sides!

Put it All Together

April 4, 2010

Put this week’s exercises together for a great workout!

Healthy Eating Fri: Quick and Easy Broccoli

April 2, 2010

You might be in a rush, but still want to add a quick, tasty, and healthy side to a meal.  But what to do?  You don’t want to grab that pre-made salad from the fridge, so you take a look in the veggie drawer and see some broccoli.

Despite what you might think, you can make tasty broccoli in just minutes that, once you put it in a serving dish, will make it seem like you spent the whole day cooking.

To start, wash the broccoli and put it in a deep, microwave safe bowl.  Add just a splash of water to the bowl (you want to have about 1/8 inch or so) Then throw a clove of garlic, and a squeeze of lemon juice over the top if you have it.  Cover the bowl tightly with plastic wrap — this is the reason for the deep bowl, because it is better if you can keep the wrap from touching the broccoli — and throw it in the microwave for 3-4 minutes (it will depend on the amount of broccoli you have).

Once it’s done, you can pull it out of the microwave, but leave it covered until you are about ready to eat it, as it will continue steaming.  When you’re ready carefully pull back part of the plastic wrap to allow the steam to escape, pour off the excess water, and pair the broccoli with your favorite main course.  You could even just have it as a snack!

Thursday Arms: Shoulder Press and Lunge

April 1, 2010

This is no joke! Work those legs AND the arms at the same time with a shoulder press and lunge!